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Thinking of remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, or any other parts of the house? If you want to give it a fresher look, there are some things that you can do. For instance, you can choose a new color palette, add new furnishing and fixtures, or change the tiles. In the case of the latter, there are various materials that can be taken into account. For instance, one of the most common is quartz, a non-porous material that can resist stain better than other materials. Another material that is equally popular is granite. While the latter is an expensive material, it is preferred by many because it exudes luxury in ways more than one.

If you are looking for custom granite options for the kitchen or bathroom, Flagship Granite is an option that you will surely not regret. We take pride in offering high-quality customized products based on the specifications of our customers. With our expertise in the business, we strive hard to not only meet, but even exceed customer expectations.

Flagship Granite offers DFW’s largest selection of Granite Options!

Regardless of the color that you like or the look that you would like to achieve, we proudly offer the best solutions. The following are just some of the styles that we have:


  • Absolute Black: This granite is imported from India and has an appearance that is similar to manmade quartz. It is known for the consistency of its color and texture.
  • Amadeus: This blue granite is imported from Brazil and comes with a polished finish. Because of this color, this is the perfect choice if you would like to add warmth and serenity to the interiors.
  • Blue Pearl: All the way from Norway, this stone features a combination of grey, blue and beige. It is warm and durable, making it perfect even for commercial purposes.
  • Colonial Gold: With the warm and bright look of gold granites, it is perfect for the contemporary kitchen. This specific variant comes with grey and brown flecks, accented with creamy highlights.
  • Kashmir White: If you want to achieve a soft and cottony ambiance, which is perfect for the bathroom, this option is surely going to be a nice choice.
  • Paradiso: The unique combination of black and pink is one of the reasons why it is popular. Spots of pink can add a feminine and romantic touch to any space.
  • Verde Butterfly: If you want a bathroom that is reminiscent of tropical paradise or grassy hills, this is the perfect granite It has an exquisite combination of green, grey, white, and black veins.

Looking for other granite options? We are DFW’s premier granite SOURCE…why deal with resellers?

At Flagship Granite, we have the DFW area’s largest selection of slabs, tiles and remnants that will be perfect for your home or office project.


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