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The Best Granite Countertops and Sinks

Why Do I Want to Upgrade My Kitchen or Bathroom

Taking the time to add granite countertops or granite sinks to your home can dramatically increase your resale value by as much as 20%. When a buyer is looking at a new homes, the countertops and fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms often have a big influence on the buying decision. A great sink or great granite countertops can mean the difference between a sale and a pass.

Give us a call at Flagship Granite and we will work with you to deliver a custom granite solution that insures you have that incredible kitchen and bathroom you have always wanted!

Servicing Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen and Prosper…we are your granite SOURCE!

When you are looking to add beauty and elegance to your kitchen, you will want to think about installing granite countertops. At Flagship Granite, we have the best options in granite countertops, granite sinks, and renovations for your kitchen or your bathroom. We have many custom sinks that are perfect for your home design needs. Stop by our showroom or set an in-home appointment to view some of our custom granite sinks and granite countertops solutions.

Popular Sink Options:

  1. The Perfect Bar Sink: Shaped 17x13 and Circular in nature this is a 7-inch foot deep perfect granite countertops area for your bar or for your gourmet kitchen. The sink also features an 18-gauge thickness to ensure that the stainless is of top quality.
  1. The Perfect Gourmet Kitchen Sink for the Professional Chef: If you have someone in your home that is a professional chef or thinks they want to be a chef, he or she will love the 32x18 Under-Mount Double Bowl sink and granite countertops
  1. The Under Mount Single Bowl Sink is also perfect for your gourmet kitchen granite countertops and whatever needs you may have in the kitchen. There is a smaller area in the sink for your rinsing and cleaning and a larger area in the sink for food preparation, when you want to have options. This sink is 31x20 inches and offers a 9-inch depth for all your food preparation needs.
  1. When you are seeking the perfect bathroom sink, you want to look at the 15x20 inch Under Mount Single bowl that is perfect for an elegant and stately bathroom with a nice oval sink.
  1. The 17”x13” Bar Sink: When you are fixing cocktails, you need just enough sink to make sure that you are able to have access to a place to wash your glasses and prepare some great drinks. That is what you will get with this incredible 6 inch and 18-gauge sink that is perfect for your gourmet kitchen with granite countertops.

Don’t see exactly what you want? Call us, we can get it!


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