Why Choose Flagship Granite

When you are remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to think about the types of textures and materials you want to remodel with. Kitchen countertops can be made from a variety of materials but one of the most functional and versatile materials, that can withstand the test of time and families, is granite. Your family and friends will love its beauty and one of a kind appearance that adds class and sophistication to the room.

Why Granite?

Granite is a very durable material that has a high tolerance to scratches, heat, and staining. The granite finish allows you to see its natural look and beauty. Granite is very popular and the stone of choice for many home owners. Because of its durability, many people prefer granite over other materials.  Stains and bacteria can be easily wiped and cleaned from granite countertops.  Granite can also withstand high temperatures; such as pots or pans fresh from the stove. Not only does granite provide amazing durability but it also offers beauty and elegance to your home.

Installation of Granite

Installing granite counter tops is a factor that you should consider when you are looking to remodel your kitchen. With the many granite profile and edge options available, this natural stone countertop offers more than just durability…it offers beauty and style. Flagship Granite offers professional granite design, cut and installation.  Flagship controls the entire granite process, from selection to cut to installation.

The Cost of Granite

The price of granite countertops can be a little pricier than other types of materials, but they also provide long-lasting durability and stain resistance. Built to last and strong, granite can be cut to fit the exact measurements of your counters to ensure the proper fitting during installation.

Known for its beauty, granite ages beautifully and offers a one of a kind home design feature to your kitchen or bathroom.


When you are looking for a long lasting design feature that holds its beauty and helps to increase your home’s value, choose a granite countertop with custom cut granite edges. With a variety of materials to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on one type of countertop material when you are looking for the best possible option for your kitchen. Let Flagship assist and guide you in the granite shopping process, visit our showroom or take advantage of our free in-home estimates.


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